Friday, April 18, 2008


What would happen if the parents didn't dress their child.
In the home is where a dress code should start. This is my
Since the children don't know what is good for them, then it
is the duty of the parents to guide them in the right direction.

Now I'm not saying that the child doesn't have a sense of what
they want to wear; but if it is left up to them our children would
be dressing like the men and women in the videos they watch.
Or worse dressing like some of the people they see walking down
the street. Just because they see someone wear something they
like doesn't mean it is acceptable for them.

Just because they may see styles wore by many doesn't mean
that it is correct for them. We are living in a twisted
society & wrong looks right in many young people's eyes.
This is a job for the parents; to guide the child
in the right direction and to tell them just because
someone has that on doesn't make it right for you to
wear to school.

Parents are the first teachers of creating
a dress code at home for their children. We must teach them
what is the proper attirefor school. We must teach them
what is unacceptable to wear.

And believe me the child isn't going to like it and
they will rebel, but parents must put their foot down and
take control of the situation. The parents have got to
maintain some level of control in the homes. And since
the parents are the ones who have the money and can buy
the clothing thenthat is a form of control. We the parents
must set the law in our homes or our children will walk all
over our authority.
Remember, parents are the first teachers. Our children must
learn respect first in the homes. They must learn to respect
authority, and they must learn to respect themselves.

What happens when children are left to decide what is right
or wrong, good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable?
Can we as parents imagine the chaos that would take place
in the homes?
Can we as parents today see what has happen in our homes
because we have left our children to their own devices?

Today we have a generation of young people who don't know
what is acceptable when it comes down to dressing themselves.
Who are the first teachers of the child?
Who is it that they see first to pattern themselves after?

We as the parents must guide the bent in our children. It's we
the parents who first sees that something is not right with our
young ones. It is the parent who sees that the attitudes with
our children isn't quite right.
It's the parent who first sees their child leaning in the wrong
direction. And it's the parent who should be there to first guide
that child and lead them into the light of truth.

The guiding and directing of our children must start when
they're toddlers. We the parents should not find "No"
coming out of the mouths of our babies cute. There is
nothing cute about a disrespectful toddler because that
child will grow up with the same disrespect and tell the
parent "no." It's no longer cute when you nine year old tells
you no. But who created that child to be that way? The Parent.
Because it wasn't corrected when the child was a toddler.

We the parents are the first teachers and if we don't teach them
when they are young, we will loose them as they get older. Then
they will think they can tell the parent what to do or where to
get off at. Parents are the first Teachers and we must
get back to doing our job.

Parents should be the ones to stir their child in the right
direction when it comes down to showing them how to dress and
what is acceptable.
But instead we have let the rappers and those in the music
world dictate and decide for our children what is the proper
thing to wear.

Our young people must learn how to dress for any and every

As I said before there should be a dress code for our
children in school and it should be enforce by the parents.
Unless a young person is taught how to dress and know what
appropriate and acceptable they won't know.
Parents are teachers of the child first and like I said
the school/teacher are there to re-enforce what is being
taught in the homes.

We as parents must teach our children the right and the wrong
way to dress.
We must teach them the proper attire for a job interview,
because if we don't then they are left to their own mindset.
The school should be preparing our children for the work field.
They should know what to wear and what not to wear on an
interview. If we as the parents don't teach them; then who will?

The Teachers and Parents and all those in authority over the
children need to get back to the job of raising the children right.